My plant hospital is full!

I am the best of buds with one of our local suppliers (no pun intended).  I am always sharing with him new techniques and products that are available in improving the life of our fresh flowers as well as our plants.    Knowledge of the flower industry has always been a passion of mine.


One day, my friend called me and said that he had some african violets that have lost their blooms and he was going to trash them if I didn’t want them.  Of course I said I’d take them.  I just couldn’t see why these plants should wind up in the trash.


I took the violets home and started a plant hospital.  I evaluated each plant, determined what was needed and began bringing them back to life.  One by one, they all recovered and was then given a new home.


Last week, my friend called me again and said he had a whole box of orchids that had the same fate as the violets if I chose not to take them to my hospital.  Now, I have never owned an orchid plant so this would definitely be a challenge.


I took the orchids home and left them in the garage for evaluation.  While there, I did some research on how to care for the orchids.  I found out some very interesting information!


First things first….DON’T overwater!  All these orchids had soil that was pretty much soaking wet.   Therefore,  I have left them to dry while I determine my next step.   Just by leaving them in the garage and letting them dry out, they already look better.


I had decided that I needed to repot them.  However, in further study, I read that they prefer to be rootbound.  They do not like to be placed in a pot with lots of room.  I am so glad that I read about that before I did all that work!  Additionally, orchids are also particular about their environment including the light and fertilizer.


As of right now, they are all still in intensive care.  I will blog more about the orchids progress as I  continue to nurse them back to health!


Happy gardening!!




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