Making Someone Smile

This week is “Make Someone Smile” week and we have been asked by the West Virginia Teleflora Unit to participate.  Florists from across the United States will be delivering Smiley Face mug arrangements to hospitals and nursing homes. 

We will be delivering over 100 of these cheerful arrangements to Sunbridge Nursing Home located in Dunbar, West Virginia.   Our staff can hardly wait to deliver these arrangements to the surprised residents of Sunbridge!

This has been a collaboration of efforts from our local supplier (Dreisbachs), Teleflora and Cross Lanes Floral.   Dreisbachs donated the flowers, Teleflora donated the containers, and our shop donated the rest of the supplies needed as well as the labor and delivery.

We feel very honored to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to “make someone smile”!  We will hopefully get some great photos to post on our website.

Why not join us and make someone you know smile today!


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