Back to school time

It’s the first week of August which means that all students, young and old,  will be preparing to go back to school.  Newspaper will have tons of advertisements for school supplies and digital media will be advertising heavily for not only supplies but also clothes and dormitory furniture.

Many students will be going away to attend college for the first time which can feel very lonely to those who haven’t strayed to far from home before.    Even if they are attending school in their home state, living in a dorm is still an adjustment.


You can help make them feel more at home by sending a junk food, fruit or chocolate basket from Cross Lanes Floral!  What a wonderful surprise for your favorite student.  You can also send a little something special to your favorite teacher.  Whether it’s food, dish garden or fresh flowers, teachers always feel special when receiving an unexpected gift.


Cross Lanes Floral has daily deliveries to the University of Charleston, West Virginia State University, Marshall Graduate College, Garnet Career Center, Everest Institute, as well as all the local elementary, middle, and high schools.


Give us a call today and let’s get started customizing your special gift basket today.



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