Love those Gerbera Daisies!

Gorgeous Gerberas
Gorgeous Gerberas

Gerbera daisies are gaining popularity not only for everyday arrangements but also for wedding and events too.

Gerbera (GER-ber-rah) daisies are grown in a variety of colors from a cheerful yellow down to a striking burgundy color. 
Gerberas are flat faced, daisy like flowers that are 2-5″ across.  They have leafless stems.  They are also fragrance free for those who may experience allergies from live flowers.
Gerberas can last up to 7 days if taken care of properly.  As with most flowers,  place your gerberas in a neutral place in your home or office that is away from any vents or drafts.  They should be kept away from sunny windows and should never be placed on a TV set or anything that conducts heat.
Change the water daily in the vase will also keep bacteria from growing which can also shorten the life of these happy flowers.
We are currently featuring a mixture of gerbera daises as our in shop special (see photo above).  There are 10 mixed colors of gerbera daisies in an orange cylinder vase and also includes airy tree fern and matching accent flowers.  Raffia ribbon treatment completes the look of fall.  Great for this time of year!

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