CLF staff attends holiday design show

This past Sunday, we attended a holiday design show for local florists.  The guest speaker was Tom Bowling AIFD, PFCI.  While Tom may not be famous to the general public, he is a superstar in the floral industry.  Tom has worked on major events such as a number of  Rose parade floats.  He has also served as the assistant floral director for the Academy Awards for the past several years.  He currently serves as the vice president for AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designers).

I met Tom several years ago when he owned his own flower shop outside of Cincinnati.   He was hired by a large chain (where I was employed) to train their floral designers.   We would travel to Columbus twice a year to attend all day training seminars taught by Tom.  Some time later, he sold his shop in order to pursue other avenues in the floral industry such as those mentioned above.  

It was a real pleasure to attend a show so close by with other florists from around the state.   It is always fun to learn new techniques in the art of floral design.  It also gives us an opportunity to share ideas, tips and techniques with others in our field.

Tom demonstrates a design

Tom designed some wonderful transition pieces that successfully blends autumn with winter.  By mixing traditional evergreens (normally used in winter pieces) and the wonderful bold colors of fall, the two seasons are joined into a spectacular design.      


Christmas and holiday designs are generally created with traditional colors of white, red, and green.  However, by using more unique containers, updated  shades of holiday colors, and less traditional designs, a more modern, yet classic  look is created!   The wonderful smell of evergreen was always a constant, reminding you of holidays past and preparing you for the holidays yet to be experienced.

Beautiful holiday arrangement

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