Facebook is amazing

In a flower shop, something always needs to be done.  After the beautiful gifts and arrangements are created and in route, there are a million things to do like washing buckets, cleaning the cooler, etc.   Now in the modern world there is social media.  However, who has time for socializing when there are vases to be washed?  We do!


We have recently been working and updating our facebook page and are so delighted that we did.  It is really difficult to put into words how much we love hearing from our customers (called fans on facebook).  Who knew that something like a website could allow us to become more personal with our customers?


As our most important job is being a vessel of communication between two or more people, we often wonder about the outcome of life’s events that we become a part of when we deliver flowers.  We sometimes discuss past events and wonder what happened after the flowers were delivered.  Did she forgive him?  Was he embarrassed to receive a bear and balloons at work?  Did they live happily ever after?  Who did she chose?  Was he comforted knowing others were praying during his darkest hour?  Did they imagine that we said a prayer for comfort during this difficult time?  Did she find out that we wrote the card when he couldn’t find the right words to say?


As our facebook page becomes more popular we are anticipating a deeper relationship with our customers.  The better we know you, the more we can help you express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions through the art of flowers.  We are also excited to see your photos and hear the stories of what happened after the flowers were delivered. 


If you haven’t already become a fan of Cross Lanes Floral, we cordially invite you to visit our page on facebook today.  It is really easy to do.  Sign in your facebook account.  Go to the search box at the top right of the screen.  Type in Cross Lanes Floral.  Our page should appear and then you can “click” the box that says “become a fan”.  


Well, it’s time to go.  We have flowers to process and buckets to clean.  Oh and facebook to view as well!


Pat Harold

Cross Lanes Floral


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