Boronia by any other name would smell as sweet!

Boronia, pronounced (bo·ro·ni·a [ bə rṓnee ə] ), has approximately 95 different species, all but one originated from Australia. Boronia is a bushy evergreen shrub that can reach heights to six feet, each shrub has an abundance of fragrant flowers. The flowers are small cup-shaped blossoms that are clustered on the stems with very soft leaves that resemble pine needles. Boronia has a very strong complex floral base undertone with sweet melon and fruit notes.

The Brown Boronia (Boronia megastigma) is intensely fragrant (like Freesia and Osmanthus) and is used in Australian floral arrangements for its intense aroma. Brown Boronia is produced and used almost exclusively in Australia.


The primary flower produced for both domestic & export is Boronia heterophylla which has fairly long stems of vibrant pink flowers and are more attractive than B. megastigma (brown boronia) yet still possesses excellent  fragrance. B. heterophylla is cultivated in both south-east and southwest Australia for the cut flower trade.

Legend of the boronia suggests that in difficult situations or when a challenging issue is faced, the Boronia essence is able to offer solace. It is said to calm the mind when plagued with repetition of persistent thoughts. It will assist you to gain more clarity to resolve situations. With a calm mind, there is a greater possibility for you to make right decisions from a place of peace and clarity. Additionally, boronia essence may be useful for people who are obsessive or compulsive about things or activities in their lives.


So, perhaps you don’t have obsessive compulsive thoughts nor need peace and clarity, but you love great smelling fresh flowers.  If that’s the case, and you have never had boronia before, be sure to treat yourself to a bunch before it is out of season.  Boronia obtained in a fresh cut flower has a short season of only 6-8 weeks depending on the weather.  Therefore, try it before it’s gone as it won’t be available until spring 2011!