Wedding season is heating up with new trends/looks

Wedding season is starting to spring into action and we are seeing a change in what brides are looking for to enhance their special day.

The days of  hand tied round bouquets of roses have been replaced with a contemporary vintage style of  mixed flowers such as garden roses, peonies, spray sweetheart roses with jewels, feathers and other ornamental accents. 

You can even see this trend with the new styles of prom gowns and accessories for 2011.  At English Rose in Southridge, they have a selection of shoes, hand bags, and hair accessories all enhanced with the same funky style that  we are seeing in the bridal industry.

Recently, English Rose requested that we create some new bouquets for their displays which we were honored to have been asked.  We created a wonderful design of beautiful soft white feathers accented with loads of jewels and ribbons created in an acrylic bouquet holder which looks like crystal.  This bouquet would be perfect for the modern bride.

For the prom goer or even for a bridesmaid, we created a bouquet that includes peacock feathers with turquoise and purple silk flower accents as well as other matching enhancements.  

Additionally, we also designed a bouquet that will go perfectly with a leopard print dress that includes soft cream feathers with chocolate brown silk flowers and jewelry accents.  

You can see these designs by visiting our facebook page at or stop by English Rose. 

Whether your style is vintage, modern, traditional, or somewhere in between, we can create the perfect bouquet, wrist corsage, or body flowers to fit your style.  Stop by our shop for ideas to enhance your perfect look. 

Bouquet of white feathers


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