What a difference a design makes

Yesterday was our main winter formal for Nitro High School.  It was a busy week of helping clients to choose their designs, obtaining special products and creating special live art for the young people to wear to their event.   During the whirlwind of pick up time, we had a lady who stopped by, upset and distraught over the winter formal flowers that she received from another flower shop.  She said that she had asked for something modern in design and this is what she received:

corsagex1Because of her reaction to this design, she was obviously upset with the outcome of the design.  While others may think it is fine, she was not happy with it at all.  She didn’t think it looked modern in any way.

I took it completely apart and started with the base.  I created a wrist band that looked modern instead of using the old elastic wrist band which, in my opinion, looks like the elastic band from underwear!  LOL  But I digress….  I then made a new ribbon treatment using the two colors the girl was wearing which was ivory and black.  I attached the black rose she had wanted and embellished it with a rhinestone pin and a few rhinestone accents on the leaves.  The customer loved it and so did I .

New improved wrist corsage

Part of being a top shelf designer is to continually take design classes anytime you can to improve design ability as well as being educated in new techniques and trends.  This is what makes our flower shop separate from others.  We have the only designer in the entire state of WV that is a Certified Floral Designers by the American Institute of Floral Designers.  The proof is in the photos as well as in the design. :)


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