It’s a great day to celebrate having a job!

Bosses Day dates back to 1958.  Patricia Bays Haroski, an employee at State Farm Insurance Company in Illinois, registered it with the US Chamber of Commerce.  Ms. Haroski chose October 16th, as it was her father’s birthday, who happened to be her boss too!  Mrs. Haroski was observant of the obstacles her father faced running a company and yet managing to be a continued source of inspiration and encouragement to all of his employees.  It was her wish to convey how much she respected him not only as her father but also as her boss. 


In 1962, the governor of Illinois, Otto Kerner, officially proclaimed the day.  Employees all over the world, even countries such as Australia, England, and South Africa, started celebrating Boss’s Day.


Today, Boss’s Day is marked as the day to improve the relationship between employees and supervisors.  Additionally, the day helps employees reflect on the difficulties and pressures that the boss has to face daily to run an organization.  There are more than thirty seven million professionals working in management, supervisor, and other related fields in the US alone.  Bosses and supervisors are not only responsible for delegating orders and overseeing productivity, they are also playing more complicated roles as mentors, motivators, and team builders.


In order to create a more pleasant workplace, workers and sub-ordinate’s relationship with the boss needs to be improved every day for greater productivity and job satisfaction.  Celebrating Boss’s Day at work is a beginning step to achieving that goal.  There’s no doubt that job satisfaction in any organization depends largely upon the constructive relationship between the employee and the boss.


Boss’s Day is the time to show your respect and gratitude to your boss.  So, on the occasion of this Boss’s Day, try to make him or her feel special as well as appreciated for the efforts that he or she has put forth.  After all, it is a great day to celebrate having a job!!!!

 The Boss's Bounty


Love those Gerbera Daisies!

Gorgeous Gerberas
Gorgeous Gerberas

Gerbera daisies are gaining popularity not only for everyday arrangements but also for wedding and events too.

Gerbera (GER-ber-rah) daisies are grown in a variety of colors from a cheerful yellow down to a striking burgundy color. 
Gerberas are flat faced, daisy like flowers that are 2-5″ across.  They have leafless stems.  They are also fragrance free for those who may experience allergies from live flowers.
Gerberas can last up to 7 days if taken care of properly.  As with most flowers,  place your gerberas in a neutral place in your home or office that is away from any vents or drafts.  They should be kept away from sunny windows and should never be placed on a TV set or anything that conducts heat.
Change the water daily in the vase will also keep bacteria from growing which can also shorten the life of these happy flowers.
We are currently featuring a mixture of gerbera daises as our in shop special (see photo above).  There are 10 mixed colors of gerbera daisies in an orange cylinder vase and also includes airy tree fern and matching accent flowers.  Raffia ribbon treatment completes the look of fall.  Great for this time of year!

Back to school time

It’s the first week of August which means that all students, young and old,  will be preparing to go back to school.  Newspaper will have tons of advertisements for school supplies and digital media will be advertising heavily for not only supplies but also clothes and dormitory furniture.

Many students will be going away to attend college for the first time which can feel very lonely to those who haven’t strayed to far from home before.    Even if they are attending school in their home state, living in a dorm is still an adjustment.


You can help make them feel more at home by sending a junk food, fruit or chocolate basket from Cross Lanes Floral!  What a wonderful surprise for your favorite student.  You can also send a little something special to your favorite teacher.  Whether it’s food, dish garden or fresh flowers, teachers always feel special when receiving an unexpected gift.


Cross Lanes Floral has daily deliveries to the University of Charleston, West Virginia State University, Marshall Graduate College, Garnet Career Center, Everest Institute, as well as all the local elementary, middle, and high schools.


Give us a call today and let’s get started customizing your special gift basket today.



Making people smile at Dunbar Care and Rehabilitation Center

Last week was Make Someone Smile week.    Make Someone Smile week was created by Teleflora for local florists to give back to the community.  Florists who are chosen to participate do so by chosing a nursing home, hospital, etc. to receive a fresh flower arrangement via delivery.  This was a collaboration of Teleflora (TF), the Teleflora West Virginia Unit (TFWVU), our local supplier (Dreisbach) and our shop.


TF and the TFWVU donated the smiley face mugs.  Dreisbach donated the fresh flowers.  Our shop donated the foam, greenery, labor and delivery.   A labor of love from all participants to bring smiles to those who might need a pick me up.


On Thursday morning we finished making all 120 arrangements that were to be delivered around 1pm to Dunbar Care and Rehabilitation Center who was formally Sunbridge Care Home.   We also created hand wrapped bouquets of daisies for the staff! 


Dreisbach had sent us to many fresh flowers so we all agreed that we would create other fresh flower bouquets and deliver those randomly throughout Cross Lanes.  There were surprised faces all over Cross Lanes that day!


Around noon, we started loading up our Scions getting all but a handful into those 2 cars.  No worries as Dreisbach sent over an additional van for the remainder.


Our staff was greeted by a reporter from WOWK Channel 13 news, Adrian Mosby, and a reporter from the Charleston Gazette, veteran writer Ben Calwell.  If you would like to see the coverage  go to


The ladies were also greeted by the staff who assisted in unloading and delivering all the smiley face arrangements!  Lisa Snyder, marketing director of Dunbar Care and Rehab, had some of the residents set up in the lobby, dressed in their Sunday best, to receive their bouquets and be photographed.  They all were great sports!  I think they not only loved receiving such a cheery arrangement but also was thrilled to have their photos taken.


We have received many calls and notes of thanks for being a part of that wonderful day.  We sincerely hope that, for at least one day, we were able to deliver cheer to those who might not receive many visitors let alone flowers.


A big thank you to all who assisted us in making someone smile!


Making Someone Smile

This week is “Make Someone Smile” week and we have been asked by the West Virginia Teleflora Unit to participate.  Florists from across the United States will be delivering Smiley Face mug arrangements to hospitals and nursing homes. 

We will be delivering over 100 of these cheerful arrangements to Sunbridge Nursing Home located in Dunbar, West Virginia.   Our staff can hardly wait to deliver these arrangements to the surprised residents of Sunbridge!

This has been a collaboration of efforts from our local supplier (Dreisbachs), Teleflora and Cross Lanes Floral.   Dreisbachs donated the flowers, Teleflora donated the containers, and our shop donated the rest of the supplies needed as well as the labor and delivery.

We feel very honored to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to “make someone smile”!  We will hopefully get some great photos to post on our website.

Why not join us and make someone you know smile today!


My plant hospital is full!

I am the best of buds with one of our local suppliers (no pun intended).  I am always sharing with him new techniques and products that are available in improving the life of our fresh flowers as well as our plants.    Knowledge of the flower industry has always been a passion of mine.


One day, my friend called me and said that he had some african violets that have lost their blooms and he was going to trash them if I didn’t want them.  Of course I said I’d take them.  I just couldn’t see why these plants should wind up in the trash.


I took the violets home and started a plant hospital.  I evaluated each plant, determined what was needed and began bringing them back to life.  One by one, they all recovered and was then given a new home.


Last week, my friend called me again and said he had a whole box of orchids that had the same fate as the violets if I chose not to take them to my hospital.  Now, I have never owned an orchid plant so this would definitely be a challenge.


I took the orchids home and left them in the garage for evaluation.  While there, I did some research on how to care for the orchids.  I found out some very interesting information!


First things first….DON’T overwater!  All these orchids had soil that was pretty much soaking wet.   Therefore,  I have left them to dry while I determine my next step.   Just by leaving them in the garage and letting them dry out, they already look better.


I had decided that I needed to repot them.  However, in further study, I read that they prefer to be rootbound.  They do not like to be placed in a pot with lots of room.  I am so glad that I read about that before I did all that work!  Additionally, orchids are also particular about their environment including the light and fertilizer.


As of right now, they are all still in intensive care.  I will blog more about the orchids progress as I  continue to nurse them back to health!


Happy gardening!!




New way to connect with our customers

This is a really exciting time for us at Cross Lanes Floral.  We have a brand new website!  This site is so beautiful and is so unique to our area in the greater Kanawha Valley.

We hope that everyone will enjoy reading our blog as we provide a “behind the scenes” peak within the flower shop and community.  We will be providing tips and advise on lots of subjects such as flower and plant care, wedding information as well as seasonal.  Additionally, as we receive questions and comments from our clients, we will be blogging about that too.

Please feel free to stop by and visit us either at the shop or here on our blog within our website.

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, CLFloralWV.


Pat Harold

Co-Owner/Flower Composer of Cross Lanes Floral


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