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It’s a great day to celebrate having a job!

Bosses Day dates back to 1958.  Patricia Bays Haroski, an employee at State Farm Insurance Company in Illinois, registered it with the US Chamber of Commerce.  Ms. Haroski chose October 16th, as it was her father’s birthday, who happened to be her boss too!  Mrs. Haroski was observant of the obstacles her father faced running a company and yet managing to be a continued source of inspiration and encouragement to all of his employees.  It was her wish to convey how much she respected him not only as her father but also as her boss. 


In 1962, the governor of Illinois, Otto Kerner, officially proclaimed the day.  Employees all over the world, even countries such as Australia, England, and South Africa, started celebrating Boss’s Day.


Today, Boss’s Day is marked as the day to improve the relationship between employees and supervisors.  Additionally, the day helps employees reflect on the difficulties and pressures that the boss has to face daily to run an organization.  There are more than thirty seven million professionals working in management, supervisor, and other related fields in the US alone.  Bosses and supervisors are not only responsible for delegating orders and overseeing productivity, they are also playing more complicated roles as mentors, motivators, and team builders.


In order to create a more pleasant workplace, workers and sub-ordinate’s relationship with the boss needs to be improved every day for greater productivity and job satisfaction.  Celebrating Boss’s Day at work is a beginning step to achieving that goal.  There’s no doubt that job satisfaction in any organization depends largely upon the constructive relationship between the employee and the boss.


Boss’s Day is the time to show your respect and gratitude to your boss.  So, on the occasion of this Boss’s Day, try to make him or her feel special as well as appreciated for the efforts that he or she has put forth.  After all, it is a great day to celebrate having a job!!!!

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