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Upon arrival, immediately check the water level of your arrangment and fill if neccessary. Keep the arrangement filled with water and add the packet of flower nutrients provided by your Florist.


Keep your arrangement in a cool spot and away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents, or on top of televisions or appliances that give off heat and decrease the life of your flowers.


If you receive a bouquet that is not in a container, immediately fill a clean vase with cool water  and add the contents of the flower nutrient package.  Remove any foliage that is below the waterline. Leaves in the water will allow bacteria to grow and decrease the life of your flowers. Recut the stems underwater with a sharp knife and place the flowers in the vase you have prepared.


If you notice that your flowers, particulary roses, are starting to droop before opening it is usually because they are not taking in water.  Recut the stem underwater with a sharp knife and immediately place back in the water.  You should notice an improvement within a few hours.


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